DSC_0405Pedro is an eighth grader who has been part of the Purple Feet Foundation for three years. Pedro thinks math is one of his strong suits, saying he is not “the best, but I’m still pretty good.” Among other subjects, Pedro has felt as though Social Studies and Science classes have been more difficult for him. However, this has not stopped him from trying. Since the beginning of the year, Pedro says he has brought up all of his grades and overcome many of the difficulties he previously had with his academic studies.

When he is not completing his schoolwork, Pedro spends his free time playing his favorite video game, Destiny, and hanging out with his friends from school.

Thanks to the Purple Feet Foundation, Pedro has been inspired to always put forth his best effort in school. As his grades show, this newfound motivation has paid off. He is still unsure of his future plans for college, but says he does hope to go. When talking about his personal heroes, he stated that aside from his grandmother, Mr. and Mrs. Rougeux would be at the top of the list. With his continued involvement with the Purple Feet Foundation, Pedro has a bright and successful future ahead of him.

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