DSC_0327Yasira is a soon-to-be ninth grade student.  Yasira is originally from Puerto Rico, and she loves her Puerto Rican heritage. One day, Yasira hopes to go back to Puerto Rico because Pennsylvania is too cold for her liking. One of Yasira’s favorite dishes is rice and beans. In her spare time, Yasira likes to watch her favorite TV show, Tierra De Reyes, which is a Spanish soap opera or telenovella. She also adores Jennifer Lopez.

In school, Yasira excels at math. She finds the challenge behind doing math to be both rewarding and fun. She considers herself hard-working and dedicated towards her passions in life. When she isn’t studying for school, Yasira enjoys singing and dancing. Another one of Yasira’s passions is musical theater. She loves the performing arts and plans on studying voice and dance at a performing arts college. She hopes to achieve fame one day so she can travel and support her family. Yasira most admires her mom. Her mother is her personal hero. When asked why, Yasira replied “She has done a lot for me and helps me with everything.”

One day she would like to relocate to another area – possibly Puerto Rico – and buy a big house where she can live with her family. Family is a priority to her. When Yasira wants to let loose and have fun, she likes to go to the pool with her friends or play volleyball. She would describe herself as “calm and collected.” She’d rather relax and stay at home, and Yasira can be caught reading her favorite book, Tuck Everlasting. Yasira has lots of interests and hobbies. Her favorite color is turquoise and her favorite holiday is Christmas. Overall, Yasira is a fun-loving, determined young girl who is excited about what the future holds for her.

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