rebeccaRebecca is an active participant in the Purple Feet Foundation. She is an avid reader and enjoys reading many different kinds of books. According to her, books open up a whole new world for her and when she reads she says it’s “just like watching a movie in my mind.” When asked what her favorite book was she replied that, “there are just so many books that I’ve read, I just can’t decide on one.” Rebecca does very well in school and receives great grades. Even though she says she loves to read, her favorite subject in school is math. Rebecca says she is very good at math and she enjoys the challenge it brings.

Even though Rebecca is always busy with reading numerous books and her other academic pursuits, she still makes times for after school activities. She recently joined the softball team at her school. This will be her first time playing on an organized team. She is excited to play because it’s something that she’s wanted to do ever since she first played softball with her family. She hopes to become the team’s first baseman. Rebecca is also interested in music and has tried her hand at playing different instruments including the saxophone, clarinet, and even the violin. Rebecca is also a talented singer and has written her own songs. This past year she performed in her school’s talent show and was very proud that she overcame her stage fright.

At home Rebecca spends time with her younger sister, mother, and grandmother. One of the people in her life who inspires her is her mother. Rebecca respects and looks up to her mom and admires how much work her mom does each and every day. She is very thankful to have someone like her mother who loves and takes care of her and her family. 

After middle school Rebecca is excitedly looking forward to attending Central High School and plans to work hard to earn her diploma there. Being accepted into Central has been one of her proudest academic achievements thus far. Rebecca said that she “never thought [she] would get in,” so when her guidance counselor told her the news she was ecstatic. After high school, Rebecca is not sure which college she might attend and is possibly thinking to study in the field of music—but whatever her plan, she knows that she will need to work hard to become successful.

Fun Facts about Rebecca

Birthday season: Summer
Favorite activity: Reading or Singing
Favorite sport to play: Softball
Favorite person: My Mom

Written by Morgan Temple, Cabrini College

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