July 20-25, 2014
Eastern University
Wayne, PA

Important dates

  • March 22 – Application opens
  • April 25 – Deadline for submitting applications
  • May 9 – Applicants notified of status
  • May 23 – Deadline for accepted applicants to return paperwork
  • July 20 – thinc program 2014 begins

Sixth grade students: Are you thinc-ing about submitting an application?  Follow the four steps below to help you understand what the thinc program is all about.

Seventh grade students: For seventh graders who are returning for their second year of thinc submit your mentor’s recommendation by April 25.

Step 1:  Listen to the message from Mr. and Mrs. Rougeux, co-founders of the Purple Feet Foundation.

Step 2:  Learn a little bit more about the thinc program by watching this video below.

Step 3:  See what thinc is all about by watching the music video of last year’s program.

Step 4:  Now, it’s time to apply.  The application is pretty simple.  In addition to some basic information, there are three questions you will need to answer.  Hint: You might want to type these in advance and then just copy and paste your responses into the application.

  • Why do you want to attend the thinc Program? (100 word limit) 
  • Where do you “c” (see) yourself as an adult? What type of career will you have? (100 word limit)
  • What word that begins with the letter “c” describes you best? Tell us why. (50 word limit)

Click here to submit your application.  Remember, the deadline to submit your application is Friday, April 25.

Good luck and we hope to “C” you at Eastern University this July!

For Parents: A little more about the thinc program

The thinc Program is a week-long, residential experience where we bring sixth grade students together to inspire them to think about their future.  Check out the video above from last year’s thinc Program.

We focus on three main questions throughout the week:

  • Who are you?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • How will you make a difference in the world?

Through a rich variety of learning experiences we encourage students to explore these questions and begin to “see” (or “c”) themselves in a new light.

This year we will host the thinc program at Eastern University.  The campus provides a beautiful setting for students to get to know each other and the PFF staff.  We eat our meals together on campus, and the students sleep (with chaperones right down the hall) in the dormitories.  During their free time, students can take a walk to look for deer, find a comfy spot outside to read, or shoot some hoops.

Throughout the week, students are constantly on the go.  We work on collaborative technology projects, take day trips to Villanova University and Cabrini College, explore the natural resources of Valley Forge National Park and spend time each evening uncovering the fascinating world of science during Einstein Hour.

We even find time for a couple other special treats that include trips to the local book store and an afternoon of swimming.  Each evening we wrap up with group reflection and journal writing.

Take a look at the schedule from last year’s thinc program.

Hear what our students had to say about the thinc program:

  • I really enjoyed doing college research at Villanova because I learned things that I never knew and I learned what colleges I want to go to.
  • Geocaching was fun! I liked walking around the campus and getting to know the place.
  • I would change the one week here to a whole month.
  • I enjoyed the green screen videos because we got to express what was on our minds about the colleges and what we are going to do later in life.
  • I wouldn’t change anything. The schedule was cool the way it was. We had fun.
  • My favorite was the Glogster project because you can be creative and also, if you lose contact with your friends you can talk to them through Glogster.
  • Einstein Hour was my favorite because I learned a lot from the experiments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the thinc program?

A: Sunday, July 20 to Friday, July 25, 2014

Q: Where does the thinc program take place?

A: Students will spend the week at Eastern University in Wayne, PA.

Q: How will my child get to the thinc program?

A: We arrange transportation to and from the thinc program for all students.

Q: Where do the students stay during the week?

A: Eastern University has fully-equipped dormitories where the students will stay.

Q: Where do they eat?

A: Eastern University has an excellent dining facility and all meals will be taken care of for your child.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There is no cost for your child to attend.  Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are pleased to provide this experience for free. However, if you want to give your child a little spending money that would be fine (no more than $20).

Q: What does my child need to bring?

A: We will give students a packing list along with other required paperwork.

Q: Can I visit my child during the week?

A: Absolutely. It will be a very busy schedule, but if you want to drive to Wayne, PA and visit for a while that will be fine. Just contact us in advance so we know when you will be arriving.

Q: Who will be supervising my child?

A: We have a very experienced and talented staff that includes our Purple Feet Foundation staff and lead teachers. We will have at least one adult present for every four students.

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